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COVID-19 in the Brazilian Amazon

2.7 Million






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Coronavirus is having a
devastating impact on families in remote communities of the Amazon.


These communities are surrounded by forests and rivers with no access to roads or air transport, and have limited access to information, food and hygiene supplies. People seriously ill with COVID-19 need to travel an average of 9 hours to reach a hospital.

We have funded the installation of solar-powered telemedicine posts for four remote indigenous and traditional communities in Brazil's Amazon. These systems include a satellite internet system, laptop, medical supplies and a small pharmacy for detection and treatment of Covid-19 cases in the region with direct contact to doctors at hospitals in Manaus (the nearest city). 

As a result, health managers within the region will be able to receive real-time information and guidance in the early detection, isolation and treatment of patients with Covid-19 as well as other illnesses and injuries.

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Provide coronavirus prevention information in remote Amazon communities.


$0.33 PER DAY

Provide basic food for 6 families during quarantine.


$1.70 PER DAY

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Provide basic hygiene items for 6 families to prevent coronavirus transmission.


$0.83 PER DAY

Provide remote training on coronavirus prevention to 150 healthcare technicians.


$3.30 PER DAY

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