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Projects in Kenya

First project completed


We installed solar and energy storage to power lights, fans and music and recording equipment the Hope Studio for the Kakuma Refugee Camp in northwestern Kenya which is the permanent home of approximately 200,000 refugees. Hope Studio is a place where refugee youth, learning permaculture to grow their own food, now have a recording studio to make and share their music, their experiences and their culture with the rest of the world. This project was done in collaboration with The Sunrise Studios Collective.

PHOTO-2022-04-01-22-16-12 (4).jpg
IMG_0858 (3).JPG

Sumaili (pictured in the lower left photo) is the director of Hope Studio. He is Congolese by nationality but lives in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. Sumaili said, "This project shows there are still people in the world remembering the refugees and that gives them hope."

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