Puerto Rico


The people of Puerto Rico-- still recovering from the devastating damage caused by Hurricane Maria, are facing a severe hurricane season. The pandemic has brought the island's tourism industry to a standstill and threatens food security, and in the midst of a drought, vulnerable communities now face the threat of water scarcity.

In the past two years, Empowered by Light has completed 21 solar and energy storage systems across the island, helping first responders continue to serve their communities, helping low-income elderly continue to receive critical care, keeping the lights on for formerly abused children, powering community resiliency centers, and supporting farming cooperatives to boost food security. But there is still much work to be done!

Join Oscar-nominated actor Mark Ruffalo in helping us build more resilient communities with renewable, reliable solar energy systems for more community centers, more elderly care homes, and schools, and local farming cooperatives to reduce the island's dependency on imported food.

Make a real difference to the lives of the people of Puerto Rico, and help them be better prepared and protected for the 2020 hurricane season and beyond.

21 projects completed 


In September 2017, Hurricane Maria struck the island of Puerto Rico destroying nearly the entire electric grid. Over 90 percent of the island's residents lost power, and over half had no regular supply of clean drinking water. Four months later, half the island was still without power.


Empowered by Light began installing solar and battery storage systems on the island just two weeks after Hurricane Maria. It was clear Puerto Rico needed help building more resilient communities to better withstand powerful storms, especially given that extreme weather events are only expected to increase in strength and frequency due to climate change. 

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The solar array installed on the roof of the fire station in Naguabo, Puerto Rico.

To date, EBL has installed solar energy systems on 11 fire stations---the first three in partnership with Sunrun and our local partner, Aireko Energy Group, the second three with the support from the Kresge Foundation, Electric Planet, and Cypress Creek Renewables, and the last five with support from Electric Planet as well as hundreds of individuals. EBL has also installed a solar and energy storage system on a home for the elderly in Adjuntas, on a home for abused children in Aguas Buenas, and on a community center in working-class neighborhood of San Juan.


During the pandemic, we completed a solar-powered emergency response unit--literally mobile power, which emergency personnel across the island can deploy to wherever it's most needed. We also supported solar and energy storage for a community resiliency center in Cataño and a farm school outside Utuado.


In addition to supporting the island's critical infrastructure, our projects demonstrate that restoring power to devastated areas with renewable energy technology can happen quickly and create better resilience for future extreme weather events. 


BUT we need your help.  We want to install these technologies at ALL fire stations in Puerto Rico to help restore power to communities now, and help prepare them for a more resilient energy future. Your donations will help us achieve that goal.

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