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Our Impact

Over 80 projects completed in 9 countries

Over 1 megawatt of solar

Over 2000 kilowatt hours of energy storage installed

More than 500,000 people directly impacted or benefitted

Alleviating Energy Poverty

It's estimated that more than 800 million people around the world still lack access to electricity, and the vast majority of those people live in rural areas in underserved and marginalized communities. Millions of people burn kerosene for light, but kerosene is messy, dangerous and a poor light source. We donate clean energy technologies to address energy poverty and improve lives recruiting local people and organizations to install, operate and maintain the systems wherever possible helping make their communities more independent, resilient and sustainable.


Mitigating Climate Change

We know lives are radically changed for the better with access to reliable energy, but even though our projects provide reliable energy, our work isn't just about alleviating energy poverty. We are increasingly feeling the effects of climate change--whether in the form of extreme heat, prolonged drought, the severity of storms or devastating wildfires. We must speed up our transition from fossil fuels to renewables to avoid serious threats to humanity like mass starvation and climate migration. Our projects offset more than 1,200 tons of CO2 each year, provide energy access and mitigate climate change by displacing diesel, helping communities leapfrog fossil fuels, and serving as a catalyst for the adoption of renewable energy in the regions we work.

Building More Resilient Communities

Our projects also help build stronger, more sustainable communities by providing light for school-age children to study longer and improve their education, by helping conservationists protect critically-endangered species and important areas of biodiversity, by providing water pumping and filtration so fewer people suffer from water-borne illnesses and communities can grow food locally, and by ensuring first responders can continue serving their communities when the electrical grid fails.

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Empowered by Light has completed more than 80 solar and energy projects in nine countries directly impacting or benefitting over 500,000 people. This amounts to more than 1 megawatt of installed solar and over 2000 kilowatt hours of installed energy storage. These projects directly support three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Learn more about our projects here

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The biggest impact you can have is by making a personal donation. Just $10/month helps us maintain a 10-kilowatt solar array that powers a school for over 200 children.

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