Building Resiliency in Puerto Rico

8 Installations Completed

Last September, Hurricane Maria struck the island of Puerto Rico destroying nearly the entire electric grid. Over 90 percent of the island's residents lost power, and over half had no regular supply of clean drinking water. Four months later, half the island was still without power. It's clear that Puerto Rico needs to be better prepared to withstand powerful storms. Extreme weather events are only expected to increase in strength and frequency due to climate change. 

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To date, EBL has installed solar energy systems on eight fire stations---the first three in partnership with Sunrun and our local partner, Aireko Energy Group, the second three with the support from the Kresge Foundation, Electric Planet, and Cypress Creek Renewables, and the last two with support from Electric Planet as we as hundreds of individual donations. In addition to supporting this component of the island's critical infrastructure, our projects demonstrate that restoring power to devastated areas with renewable energy technology can happen quickly and create better resilience for future extreme weather events.  BUT we need your help.  We want to install these technologies at ALL fire stations in Puerto Rico to help restore power to communities now, and help prepare them for a more resilient energy future. Your donations will help us achieve that goal.