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How to Support Empowered By Light

The biggest impact you can have is by making a personal donation, or speaking with your employer about formally supporting Empowered by Light.  Hit the Donate Now button to make a personal donation, or contact us about support from your business or employer.  

Empowered by Light works extremely hard to keep you informed about which solar and renewable energy projects your donations go to, and the difference you've made.

Don't miss out on exciting news and updates

Enter your name and email to receive periodic updates on our existing and new projects. We definitely won't spam you, but we will try to share exciting news about the impact we're having at least a handful of times a year.

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Even if you or your employer are not in a position to donate, you can still make a difference by following us on social media, and especially liking and sharing our posts.  This will amplify our message and potentially attract more supporters.

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